Setting the new standard in full-service casting

Method Casting sets the new standard in the industry. Our full-service total solution spans the complete casting process from design to assaying. The world’s best latest-generation machinery is used in each step of the process to ensure precision quality. Our team of leading designers, goldsmiths and engineers brings an unfaltering eye for detail and quality to the process. It’s the perfect combination of groundbreaking technology and skilled craftsmanship. Everything at Method Casting revolves around one thing: the highest quality in the industry. Outstanding professionals, machinery, processing, finishing and customer service. This commitment to quality in every aspect and step of the process is also clearly reflected in the ultimate quality of your end product.

Method Casting provides the best price-quality ratio in the industry. Our full-service concept is unique because it is accessible to high-end jewellers of all sizes. So whether you need a single item or hundreds of items, you can always count on Method Casting for the same consistently high quality. You can also choose between full service or only printing and casting, which is available for a fixed price based on volume starting at just 59 euros. Add fast delivery times and Method Casting gives you more flexibility than ever before. Method Casting is your one-stop solution for unbeatable quality, flexibility and price.

The higher the quality of the casting, the less time you have to spend on the finishing. Our goal is to make your life easier as a jeweller or designer.

Mark Bos
Mark Bos CEO