Method Casting serves a diverse range of clients who all share a common need: they want an end-to-end solution that delivers top quality. They find in Method Casting a reliable partner that provides outstanding service, craftsmanship and integrity.
‘We are here for all high-end professionals who want the best quality.’
Mark Bos, CEO

Partnering with high-end jewellery brands

Method Casting collaborates with high-end jewellery houses to provide a comprehensive and value-added service. Method Casting can assume responsibility for the entire production of a collection from start to finish.



Creative collaboration with high-end designers

Method Casting provides the same quality of casting for large or small volumes. Even single pieces of fine jewellery receive our full care and attention. We provide smaller high-end designers and jewellers with the required access to the state-of-the-art casting they need to set up their own collection. As an independent partner, we enter into a collaborative partnership based on sound advice and proper execution. We share your passion for the highest quality.

The industry simply needed to move forward, integrate and innovate.

Mark Bos
Mark Bos CEO