Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about Method Casting Services

How does the process of an order work at Method Casting?

We can help you with each part of the production process. If you are interested in a specific part or more, please feel free to contact us via Email or Telephone. We will help you further. If you send us an request and a 3d file we will send you an quotation with lead time. After a down payment of 50% we will start production. When production is ready we will send you a email for the balance payment (50%) +/- the actual calculated material costs of the model(s). After the balance payment is done we send out the model(s) immediately.

What are the general regulations?

  • Method Casting works with the best alloy materials of Progold, this gives us the best gold quality. Therefor we unfortunately can not accept materials from customers or third parties to work with, because we don’t know what the alloys are that they have used. In line with this high quality we do not work with an gold account for customers.
  • Customers must be a CoC member to place an order.
  • Unfortunately Method Casting can not take back gold/items(unless when there are problems which are cause by production, for instance quality issues.
  • Our terms and conditions are available in Dutch. We are more than willing to send them to you.

What are the guidelines for production requests?

Wax models

  • We will check the files before we start production and help you to make a correct file for production.
  • Method Casting work with our own 3d wax models.
  • The smallest openings can be 0,3 x 0,3 x 0.3 mm. Keep in mind that the depth cannot be deeper than the size of the shape. For instance, when an opening has diameter 0.5 mm then the max depth is also 0,5 mm. to Small openings and deep openings in your design are a risk.
  • Calculate 0,07 mm casting surface that you will need to remove for the model for a smooth surface.

Casting/ materials

  • We cast with our own materials, alloys and colors.
  • We cut off the casted models as near as possible to the model.
  • The shrinkage is about 4%
  • Method Casting will do everything to cast with as little as possible porosity in your models. Therefore Method Casting decides the optimal casting channels when we have seen the design.

What are the delivery regulations?

  • Normal production times are 10? working days, starting after payment is received. Platinum models will take longer, please take this into account. Faster production/shipment can be discussed.
  • Shipment costs will be calculated separate per order. Shipment is always with insurance.