Method Casting purchases its precious metals through Schöne Edelmetaal in Amsterdam that has been a leading force in precious metals since 1739. It provides fine gold from Umicore – a European ISO-certified company and one of the world’s most well-known and well-respected refineries. Its gold has primarily been recycled from electronics, jewelry and industrial waste and is processed into 99.99% fine gold.

Precious metals

Method Casting uses exclusively alloys from Progold – a leading company with an outstanding reputation in the sector.
We have made a conscious decision to use nickel-free alloys.

18 Carat Gold

18 Carat White Gold Ring

18 Carat White Gold

18 Carat Yellow Gold Ring

18 Carat Yellow Gold

18 Carat Red Gold Ring

18 Carat Red Gold

18 Carat Rose Gold Ring

18 Carat Rose Gold

14 Carat Gold

14 Carat White Gold Ring

14 Carat White Gold

14 Carat Yellow Gold Ring

14 Carat Yellow Gold

14 Carat Red Gold Ring

14 Carat Red Gold

14 Carat Rose Gold Ring

14 Carat Rose Gold

9 Carat Gold

9 Carat White Gold Ring

9 Carat White Gold

9 Carat Yellow Gold Ring

9 Carat Yellow Gold

9 Carat Red Gold Ring

9 Carat Red Gold


Platinum Ring



14k White Gold Engraving White Ring

White Engraving

14k White Gold Engraving Yellow Ring

Yellow Engraving

14k White Gold Engraving Red Ring

Red Engraving

14k White Gold Engraving Black Ring

Black Engraving


High Gloss Finished Ring

High Gloss

Rhodium Finished Ring


Satin Matte Finished Ring

Satin Matte

Ice Matte Finished Ring

Ice Matte



Ring with Made diamonds

Made diamonds

Ring with Mined diamonds

Mined diamonds


Ring with Champagne diamonds

Champagne diamonds

Ring with Cognac diamonds

Cognac diamonds

Ring with Blue diamonds

Blue diamonds

Ring with Black diamonds

Black diamonds

Ring with Green diamonds

Green diamonds

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