3D Printing


The best 3D printing in the industry. Our Projet 3600 Wax is the most powerful and advanced printer on the market today. Featuring unsurpassed micro-detail, pinpoint precision and high-capacity production, this powerhouse can print sharp edges, extreme crisp details and smooth surfaces in high fidelity. It boasts ultra-fine resolution with layers as thin as 16 microns, at speeds no other 3D printer can match. 3D printing lays the all-important foundation for the rest of the process. The Projet 3600 Wax leaves behind minimum residue during casting, which hugely improves the end result. Plus the support materials are dissolvable for even and precise removal. This also means a much lower risk of the wax being damaged and the support materials do not affect the shape of the model. Industry-leading efficiency, speed, precision and resolution – Method Casting’s 3D printing is the pinnacle of quality.